Goals for 2022

Most will say its cliche, but I think its good to set resolutions for the new year! Who cares if there are common ones like "eat healthy", or "get in shape"? If the goals will have a positive impact on your life it shouldn't matter how many others share in that goal. Let the goals be the "same old boring" ones as last year. CS Lewis, talking about the christian doctrine, said "Most people don’t need to be taught, they need only to be reminded." I think this applies to most things in life; we really just need to be reminded of things we already know. New year's resolutions are ways to remind ourselves. With that, here are mine!

Learn how to be a Dad

This is really a necessity, as my first baby is due in March! It's both exciting and terrifying.. pray for me.

Complete the Chicago Sprint Triathlon

This has really been a goal since spring of 2021, but 2022 is the year its going to happen! Right before righting this I sealed the deal by dropping $200 on registration, so now I have skin in the game. Last fall I raced in a Aquathlon (swim + run) and it was a great learning experience (swimming is hard!). I want the "best physical shape of my life" to be ahead of me, not in the past.

Read more

My wife reads around 50 books in a year, and that has inspired me to up my reading. I have a long list of books I'm interested in and in 2022 I want to start actually working through it. As a Christain I also think consistent reading of scripture is /probably/ a good idea, but not something I currently do. To accomplish this, I want to develop a habit of reading everyday during a scheduled time. Not sure if I want that time to be in the morning or evening.. hmm or maybe lunch time?

Continue making games

When I first started doing game jams I had the goal of participating in 4 a year (1 a season). 2021 was the first year I actually accomplished that! With a baby on the way, plus the triathlon, I'm not sure I'll be able to do 4 again, but my goal is to do at least 1.

Make more music

I used to compose a lot of music, but that hobby has slowly died away. I got some new music software late in 2021 and it felt really good to start writing again. In 2022 I want to keep on going, maybe I'll be able to find some synergy with the previous goal and spend more time on music during game jams!

Along with these big goals, I want to try smaller month long challenges. Here are some ideas

Writing all this down makes it feel like a lot.. but there's a lot of time in a year! I'm hopeful for 2022, so wish me luck!