This game was inspired by the Famicase Exhibition 2023 submission SPRINT, by Keorattana Luangrath aka PANDAKERO

SPRINT is a futuristic sci-fi racing battle game

The race is for eternity.

Your goal is to keep the race going while racking up the highest score.

You'll score more points the more HoverCars you have on the track. HoverCars will explode if they leave the main grid, indicated by the bright red lines. If you run out of HoverCars, its game over!

The multiverse is the racing track.

Add hills and valleys to keep the HoverCar s on' the multidimensional race track. Red tones indicate higher elevation, while navy blue is ground level. HoverCar's move left and right down slopes.

Each round consists of picking the orientation of 3 new race track configurations. use the Green arrows to shift the rows left and right. Also be aware new ships will periodically enter the race!

Build Speed Alliances.

Additionally, HoverCar's of the same kind give each other a speed boost when close.. watch those front bounds though!

Attack at Hyperspeed

ALSO, If HoverCar's of different types get too close they will attack and bounce off each other and loose a bit of speed!