In this little game your goal is to plant flowers and vegetables, then keep them alive. Each round you'll be given dice that you'll drag and drop onto the board. The general flow is...

Place garden beds, which come in a couple different sizes.

Plant seeds which will grow into plants the next round.

Give those plants water and sunlight. The blue circle represents how much water the plant currently has, and the yellow circle is the same for sunlight. At the end of each Month both water and sun will go down by one ON EVERY PLANT, so be careful not to let these stats reach zero! Each plant also has (hidden) max sun and water; can you learn and memorize them all?

Each round represents 1 month of the gardening season, with August being the last month. After August your score will be calculated like this

  1. Each living plant is worth 1 point
  2. If both plants in a large garden bed are the same variety, you score double points!

Plan carefully, but remember gardening is supposed to be relaxing!