A game made for Ludum Dare 54

One small step (ladder) for mankind, one giant leap for Astro the Astronaut!

Traverse micro sized planetary puzzles with the help of Astro’s trusty ladder. Here are the controls

  1. Use ◀️ and ▶️ to walk around planet
  2. 🅰️ button to pickup Ladder. Press 🅰️ again to drop it
  3. While holding, you can use 🔼 and 🔽 to adjust grip point height. Press ❎ and 🇾 to shift your grip point along the ladder.
  4. Place the ladder on 2 Planets, then press 🅱️ to begin climbing the ladder! Press 🅱️ again to try and get off, though you’ll need to be close enough to a planet.
  5. Reach the Red flag in each level to progress. There are 6 levels.
  6. If you get stuck, restart the game with Control+R. The game saves you’re level progress so it should send you back into the correct level.

🪜 Have fun! 🪜