Joycon Shell Replacement

After seeing all the fancy pictures on the internet, I decided to try my hand at replacing my Nintendo Switch's controller shells. I was able to order these shells and this tool kit from Amazon, no shady Chines website required. I won't give step by step instructions since there are tons of those online, but here are some stray thoughts:

Overall the whole project from start to finish took around 3 hours. And although Im happy I did it, I /do not/ want to do it again anytime soon. I find myself drawn to projects like this one that include small springs, circuits, soldering (more on this later), etc. Maybe its because I'm tired of staring at a screen all day and want to try something hard with my hands. In any case something always goes wrong ...I drop a piece and loose it in the carpet, or I spend an hour on that one litle piece that just WILL NOT GO IN ITS SPOT, or worst of all I put the whole joycon together only to realize the colored buttons are in the wrong spot. Maybe that makes finishing the project it all that much sweeter... I'm still deciding whether or not that's the Ikea Effect or Stockholm syndrome.