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Ludum Dare 43


This was my first Ludum Dare! The theme was "sacrifices must be made". I used the wonderful pico-8, which forced me to actually make the game instead of a game engine. The game is pretty vanilla, but for the sake of having a code block here's how I did a variable length and intensity screen shake.

sc = 0 --shake duration si = 2 --shake intensity

function shake_screen()
  if sc > 0 then
    camera( flr(rnd(si)), flr(rnd(si)) )
    sc -= 1
  if (sc == 0) then
    si = 2


Complete the desired sacrifices as they appear by taking bread, coin, and pig from the bottom alters and placing them on the top alters. Make sure your offerings are in the correct order, or they don't count. Don't let your life hit zero or your band of zealots may become the sacrifice! The source code can be found here.


  • (left) (right) : move the zealots
  • (X) : pick up a new sacrifice AND pass the items down the line
  • (Y) : pass the items down the line (without picking up a new one)