Rhythm - A devotion for in between church services

I'd like to start by reading a quote from a book I've been sporadically reading. The book, "Water from a deep well", walks through the many Christian spiritualities throughout history. I'd like to draw from the author's description of the Monastic traditions of the middle age monks and nuns. These monasteries were all about rhythm. Not the musical kind, but the kind that describes our days and weeks and months and years.

Rhythm is at the very heart of biblical faith. God established a rhythm from the first moment of creation. The creation story itself follows a rhythmic pattern. God created a day ... Then a second day , followed by a third day through six days, as if creation was a kind of symphony in six movements (Gen 1), God established a second kind of rhythm of the week... The week is seven days because God created it. Water from a deep Well (Sittser, Gerald L), Page 97 | Location 1514-1517

In this same way us rehearsing on Wednesday, then rehearsing again Sunday morning, then finally playing the same exact songs for 2 services; this is a specific rhythm given to us by God. He's given us the space to repeat again and again songs that declare his truths and worship him. It's easy to see this repetition as a chore, I know I've many times said half jokingly "only one more service to go". But we have a unique opportunity for the words we sing to actually sink in, like a nail that takes a couple hits.

My challenge for us all as we go out to play the same songs we've played many times before to take advantage of this gift.